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Surgical Hollowares

Comprehensive Range of Stainless Steel Hollow wares

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Our Catalogue covers the following products with wide range of sizes availability.


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  • Kidney Trays, Regular Pattern, Shallow Pattern
  • Dental Trays, Scalar Trays
  • Utility Trays
  • Instruments Tray
  • Instruments Tray With Lid
  • Shallow Instruments Tray
  • Instruments Box
  • Sterilizer Box With Filters
  • Electric Sterilizer
  • Sterilizer Box with Stand
  • Catheter Tray With Lid
  • Syringe Cases
  • Needle Cases
  • Endodontic Box & Bur Holder
  • Gallipots & Iodine Cups
  • Medicine Cup & Tumblers
  • Lotion Bowl
  • Lotion Bowl Tapered
  • Wash Basin
  • Sputum Mug, Vomiting Bowl
  • Enema Can & Funnel
  • Graduated Measures
  • Cotton Wool Holder, Receivers
  • Alcohol Lamps
  • Forceps Jars
  • Thermometer Jar & Ear Tank
  • Dressing Jars
  • Urinals
  • Bed Pans
  • Buckets & Waste Bin
  • Sterilizing Drum, Reg. Pat.
  • Sterilizing Drum, Schimmilbusch
  • Sterilizing Drum, With Filters


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All Instruments are made in Compliance of International Quality Standards



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